The Bride

Brush on Bristol, Colored in Photoshop

Another piece for Wade's column. Both this and the Lost In Translation one were for some bulk summer movie review. He also talked about the third Matrix movie, but I didn't feel like doing one for that for some reason. Mostly because I didn't necessarily agree with his views on it, but also because there's already a ton of Matrix art out there already and also I am lazy. That's why you're getting sketches that I drew years ago instead of new stuff. So yeah, Kill Bill. I remember liking this movie a lot, but haven't seen either of them since they were in theaters. I think I was waiting for some super box set or something with the non-censored action scenes. Then I just kind of forgot about it. This is another not-so-great-likeness, but I like the fluidity of the pose. Plus, I realized with this drawing that I like drawing sneakers. I had a clear sense of how it was going to be colored before I drew it. The all yellow track suit with color held blood is a striking combo.

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