Lost In Translation

Brush on Bristol, Colored in Photoshop

This was a piece for my pal Wade's movie column on Greathoboes. I liked the movie okay, but that was mostly because I like Bill Murray so much. It's something that I'm glad I saw, but wouldn't go out and rent to see it again or anything. Maybe if a friend of mine was watching it, I'd sit through it. And that's all I'll say about that, now to talk about this drawing. It's fun to draw Bill Murray. I've done it a bunch of times for various reasons, mostly Ghostbusters related. He's got this pointy square head. This isn't exactly the best likeness in the world or anything. I've never been that good at drawing likenesses. Sometimes I just luck out. The whole background in this piece was drawn in Photoshop. I wanted to capture the kinds of light, almost faded colors that I remembered from the film. And I wanted to make sure I got that bright yellow shirt Bill Murray wore. The ragged edge of the characters legs really bugs me now. I think I had planned to make everything fade out that way, but didn't for some reason. I suppose I could go back and fix it, but that just seems pointless now



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