Brush on typing paper, Photoshop

Here's another redesign of characters I created when I was a kid. Bug Wars was probably the second comic I ever drew (The first being Mighty Man). When I was in 6th grade, we had this activity period where we were supposed to sign up for different things like volleyball or origami. Most were pretty ridiculous. Once I was forced into a School Spirit group because all the other groups I signed up for got full. That must of been where they put all of the overflow, because nobody wanted to be there and we mostly just sat around and drew.

Anyway, that trip down memory lane aside, one of the activities was the student paper "Hawk Talk." (The hawk was our school mascot.) Bug Wars was the comic strip I drew for it. It was about the crack team of super-soldiers that battled the evil Ant Army. I was flying pretty high on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men comics at the time. From left to right: Insectant was able to run really fast due to his many legs. Dragonflyer was the team strongman. Beetleman (who was kind of a proto-The Beetle now that I think about it) was the team leader. Black Fly was the lazy team smart-ass. And Ladybug was the Miss Moneypenny who handed out missions and information. She was also bald in her first appearance.









Click to see the Bug Wars crew circa 1990

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